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is a southwestern coastal province of the Kingdom of Cambodia. It covers about 4,878 km2 and is situated 148 km from the capital city of Phnom Penh. The population is approximately 528,205 including a large percentage of Vietnamese and Chinese heritages. The population density is 108 persons per square kilometer.

Bokor Resort

Locates at 42-Kilometer distance from the provincial town of Kampot, and was found by a French people 1922 during the reign of the King, Sisovath Before, Bokor was a leisure place for French colonists who need to exchange atmosphere from the plain area to the mountainous area at seaside.

Kampong Trach Resort

Is the rocky mountain with caves and natural wells where arranged and worshipped by the tradition of Cambodia, China and Vietnam. The resort locates at Dam Nak Kan Tuot Khang Tbong Commune, Kampong Trach District in 38-Kilometer distance, East of Kampot town by the National Road No 16

Phnom Chhgok

Nature Wildlife and Preserves, Located 9km (22mn) From Provincial Town, at Bos Trobek Village, Trorpeang Pring Commune, Kampot District.

Teuk Chhu Resort

Is the natural resort locating at Snom Prampi Village, Mak Prang Commune, Kampot District in eight-Kilometer distance, North of the provincial town. The resort has water flowing from Phnom Dam Rey- Phnom Kam Chay. The water is cool and clear flowing down over the big rocks for year round. At Teuk Chhu resort, there are valuable and delicious fruit like Durian, Mangostreen, Rambutan, Mak Prang, Pineapple, coconut etc.