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Rattanakiri Province is located in the northeast of Cambodia and approximately 636 km from Phnom Penh City. The province is bordered by Vietnam to the east, Laos the north, Stung Treng to the west and Mondulkiri to the south. Rattanakiri covers an area of 10,782 square kilometers and The population is around 94,243 with approximately 75% of the people being from various ethnic groups. Rattankiri Province is rich in natural resources such as stone and gold. The land is mountainous and there are many rivers and lakes, good weather minority which offers tremendous potential for eco-tourism.

Beung Yeak Loam Resort

Is the natural lake, which locates in the middle of the mountain in Yeak Loam Commune, Ban Lung District in five-kilometer distance from the Ban Lung town. The lake has square shape, approximate 800-meter diameter and 48-meter depth during the dry season, and occurs by volcano for centuries.

Cha Ong Waterfall

Locates at the middle of forest in Cha Ong village, Ou Chum District in approximate two-kilometer distance from the Ban Lung town by the National Road No.19 (Ban lung-Steung Treng), then turning right by a trail about six Kilometers

Ka Chanh Waterfall

Locates at Ka Chanh Commune, Ban Lung District in six-kilometer Distance from the Ban Lung town. The waterfall has 12-meter length and non-stop flows along a canal named “Ou Kan Teung” to Sre Pork River in Sam Phat district.

Ka Tieng Waterfall

Lacates at Lbang I Commune, Lum Phat District in seven-kilometer distance from the Ban Lung town, and below Ka Chanh waterfall about three Kilometers. We call the waterfall “Ka Tieng” because we follow the ethnic minority of Kreung at Ka tieng village.

Rum Blong Terrace

Is the long-plain and rocky terrace surounded with forest full of big trees, and locates at Ou Chum Commune, Ou Chum District, Rotanakiri province. Viel Rum Blong can be accessible by the provincial road from Ban Lung town to Ou Chum District about 10-kilometer distance, then turning right at the four-conjunction road to Ta Veng District about four Kilometers more.

Doll & Groom House