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Khmer Foods


- 1 kg of mud fish;
- 1 ripe coconut fruit;
- 5 trunks of citronella;
- 0.5 kg of smoke fish;
- 0.5 kg of garlic;
- Bits of saffron, Amomum Galanga, Amomum Zingiber;
- 6 leaves of citrus hystrix and some peels;
- 2 ripe bell pepper fruits;
- 1 duck egg; salt, sugar, fish, sauce, MSG;
- Leaves of star fruit and banana trees

How to cook

  • Cut the fish in to small slices and take the bones out
  • Slice and crush the citronella trunks and pound them together with saffron, Amomum Galanga, Amomum Zingiber, citrus hystrix leaves to make a mash mixture
  • Slice the smoke spices into small bits
  • Break the coconut fruit, squeeze the nut to get its milk by making the phase-one milk and phase-two milk
  • Cut the ripe bell pepper into two
  • Pour half of the phase-one coconut milk into a frying pan to cook until it turns a litter brown
  • Then, put into the pan the spices and the mash mixture, and stir it up
  • Add the phase-two milk and turn off the cooking gas after the solution becomes cooked and dry enough
  • After that, add the fish, salt, fish sauce, sugar, egg, and fully mix up the ingredients
  • Make package of banana leaves, lay star fruit leaves at the bottom of the package, then put enough of the cooked fish on the star fruit leaves, and then top it with a bit of citrus hystrix leaves and ripe bell pepper.
  • Turn on the gas and cook the dish again
  • Add 1 spoonful of the phase-one coconut milk into the fish, and leave it to cook for a short while. And the dish is done.

Mchou Kroeung Sour Soup

- 5 trunks of Citronella;
- 1 slice of Amomum Galanga;
- A little bit of saffron;
- 3 leave plus some peels of citrus hystrix (sour orange with rough skin, strong taste);
- 10 bits of garlic;
- 5 leaves of Kantrop (kind of fresh vegetable for sour soup);
- 1/2 rice spoonful of mashed Prahok (Cambodian traditional fermented fish paste);
- 0.1 kg of Feronia Elephantium net seeds (flat round sour fruit);
- 3 bell pepper fruits;
- 2 gingers;
- 0.3 kg of Water Convolvulus;
- 1/2 rice spoonful of palm sugar;
- 1 rice spoonful of fish sauce;
- 1/2 coffee spoonful of salt;
- 1/2 rice spoonful of Monosodium Glutamate(MSG)

How to cook

  • Neatly slice the pig rib into thumb-sized bits and put them in a cooking pot.
  • Pound an mash the thinly-sliced citronella trunks, together with saffron, Amomum Galanga, garlic, and citrus hystrix leaves into a mash mixture and then put it in the cooking pot.
  • Add to the pot the crushed fermented fish paste, salt, MSG, sugar; fish sauce; and 1 soup spoonful of water. Then, mingle all the combination in the pot.
  • Cook the mixture until the meat is cooked and soft enough, then add 1 little of water to the pot and leave it to cook well enough for another 5 minutes.
  • Then add Feronia Elephantium net seeds, 6 slices of bell pepper fruits, and citrus hystrix leaves, and leave it all to cook.
  • Taste it, and after it tastes good enough, and finally add the fresh short cut Water Convolvulus. That's all. The soup is served.

Prahok Ktiss

- 0.2 kg of smoke fish;
- 0.1 kg of dry freshwater shrimp;
- 0.5 kg of pig front leg meat;
- 0.2 kg of Prahok;
- 1 big ripe coconut fruit;
- 0.05 kg of already sliced citronella trunks;
- 0.1 kg of smoke spices; - 0.05 kg of garlic;
- A bit of saffron, Amomum Galanga, citrus hystrix peels and leaves;
- 0.2 kg of ripe tamarind;
- 0.3 kg of Rumhorng egg plants (kind of egg plant that goes well with the dish);
- 0.2 kg of sugar;
- 1 coffee spoonful of MSG;
- Fresh vegetables to be eaten raw: Long bean, egg plant, ginger, head cabbage, cucumber.

How to cook

  • Pound and mash the smoke fish after taking out the bones.
  • Pound and mash the dry shrimps after cleaning them.
  • Slice the pig meat into small bits.
  • Slice and mash the fish paste completely.
  • Cut open the coconut and get its milk: 300ml for Phase One, and 300 ml for Phase Two.
  • Take out the seeds and the inside of the smoke spices, clean them and mash them.
  • Slice the citronella trunks into tiny bits and then pound them together with saffron, Amomum Galanga and citrus hystrix leaves to make a mash mixture.
  • Mix water with the ripe tamarind and make a small bowl of sour solution.
  • Fry the egg plants until they look brown.
  • Fry the spices until they turns red.
  • Cook the Phase One 300 ml coconut milk until it turns a little brown color.
  • Add the fried spice and then the mash mixture into it, and leave the combination to shiver using medium source of cooking power.
  • Put the mashed pig meat and leave it to cook.
  • Put the shrimps and smoke fish, mingle them in the solution, then add some prahok, sugar and some more coconut milk and leave it to moderately shiver foe 10 minutes.
  • Then, put citrus hystrix leaves and the bowl of tamarind water, and leave the solution to cook another 5 minutes.
  • Finally put the eggplant and stir the soup.
  • Then, taste it, and that's it.

Chek Ktiss Dessert

- 1 hand of Namva banana (kid of Cambodian sweet banana);
- 1 good ripe coconut fruit;0.5 kg of mung bean (Vigna Sesquipedalis);
- 1 rice spoonful of sago grains;
- 3.5 kg of sugar;
- Some salt

How to cook

  • Break the coconut fruit and make coconut milk: phase-one milk (150ml), phase-two milk (200ml) and phase-three milk (1 litter).
  • Fry the mung bean grains until they become brown, break each grain into two parts, dry them and soak them in the water for a while.
  • Clean and soak the sago grains in the water for a while.
  • Peel the banana fruits, and cut them each into 4 (for small ones) and 6 (for big ones) parts.
  • Cook the phase-three coconut milk and put the banana parts into it and leave it to boil.
  • Put the mung bean parts and sago grains.
  • Add sugar and salt to milk it taste good when the banana is cooked and does not taste bitter.
  • Then, pour the phase-two milk into it and leave it to cook for a while. That's done. (Note: It takes around 15 minutes to cook this banana sweet starting from the point of cooking the coconut milk).